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Nojoqui Sweets Onions

Nojoqui Sweet onions are gourmet onions without the pungent taste. They are quite mild and can be enjoyed raw. They actually taste sweet. Nojoqui Sweets are low in pyruvic acid development (PAD), which gives traditional onions their pungent taste.

Nojoqui Farms’ soils are high in organic matter; high-quality compost is applied yearly; and cover crops of soil-building grasses and legumes are grown as well. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are never used. This organic management of Nojoqui Farms’ soils help give the onions their mild taste. Nojoqui Sweets are fresh onions, only available in the late spring and summer.

Sweet onions grow well in soils low in sulfur and under mild climatic conditions; Nojoqui Valley being a perfect location. Vidalia sweet onions are grown in the county of Vidalia, Georgia. Walla Walla sweet onions are grown in Walla Walla, Washington. Maui sweet onions are grown in Hawaii. Texas 1015 sweet onions are grown in south Texas.

Nojoqui Sweets are grown at Nojoqui Farms nestled in the fertile Nojoqui Valley on California’s Southern Central Coast. Over a three year period, we developed this exciting, organic sweet onion. From twelve promising varieties, we chose one to be the Nojoqui Sweet. You will find them packaged in a mesh bag with our distinctive label.