Organic Farming Concept for a Great Future for all of us

Organic Farming is an agricultural production system that avoids or severely limits the use of (factory) chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, growth regulators and feed additives.

Cultivation of environmentally sound plants is an agricultural cultivation that is planned and carried out by taking into account the characteristics, conditions and preservation of the environment, so that natural resources in the living environment can be utilized as well as possible so that environmental damage and deterioration can be avoided and preserve the usability of natural resources and environment.

Organic Farming Concept

Organic Farming Concept for a Great Future 2022

Organic farming is an integrated production management system that avoids the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified products, suppresses air, soil and water pollution. On the other hand, organic farming improves health and productivity among flora, fauna and humans. The use of non-agricultural inputs that causes the degradation of natural resources cannot be categorized as organic farming. On the other hand, agricultural systems that do not use external inputs, but follow the rules can be included in the group, even though the agro-ecosystem does not get organic certification.

Nature created by Allah Ta’ala “teaches” virtues for mankind. Nature is a unity, consisting of many parts, like an organism and its organs. All parts run in harmony, serving and sharing. Each organ has its own role, complementing each other and providing synergies to produce an optimal and sustainable balance. Each component does not think and act only for the sake of ‘I’, but for ‘us’: the whole of nature. According to Sunnatullah, nature works in harmony, “arranging” its parts in its amazing balance and order.

Organic farming (PO) is also subject to the above principles, to the laws of nature. Everything in nature is useful and has a function, complementing each other, serving and living for all. In nature there is biodiversity and ecological balance. Thus, PO also respects biodiversity and ecological balance. Millions of years of nature has proven its principle, there is no exploitation other than optimization of utilization. Likewise OD, not to maximize yields, not excessive; but sufficient for all beings and continuous. This is the basic philosophy of OD.