Our History

History of Nojoqui Farms

Nojoqui (Nah•ho•wee) Farms is nestled in the grassy, partially wooded rolling hills of southern central California. Nojoqui Creek meanders through the farm. Deer, coyotes, blue herons, hawks and bobcats are seen almost daily. Being just five miles from the ocean gives us an ideal, almost year-round growing season. The Chumash, a local Native American Tribe, called this area “Nojoqui”, meaning peaceful valley.


Nojoqui Farms becomes an organic farm. It had previously been a horse ranch with 27 acres of irrigated pastures. The organic matter provided by the roots and leaves of the irrigated pasture grasses helped by the horse manure made the deep, loam soil very fertile. The soil is rich, dark brown and very crumbly. Nojoqui is an organic farmer’s dream come true. Nojoqui Farms has flourished over the years, and sells its organically-grown produce abundantly to New Frontiers Natural Marketplace.