The Benefits Of Organic Farming

pertanian organik

The introduction of chemicals in agriculture gained so much attention. Agricultural products were suddenly abundant. Any damage caused by chemical fertilizers is almost invisible. It is undeniable that the presence of pesticides for farmers is like a mandatory item that cannot be left behind for a large harvest. This technology is spread all over the world because it is considered a revolution in agriculture. Until finally the community faces serious health-related problems such as cancer, pollution, soil degradation, and the impact on domestic animals.

A series of dangerous diseases are also caused by inappropriate diet and lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables consumed may have the same name but the growth process is no longer appropriate due to the interference of chemicals in it. Conventional farmers do not usually understand this. It is time for farmers to realize the benefits and advantages of organic farming. Organic farming also has an advantage in viz

Selling price is higher

When compared to agriculture that still uses pesticides, the selling price of organic crops is far higher than organic farming. and bigger until it reaches double.

Many Enthusiasts

Do not underestimate the healthy lifestyle trends that are currently being embraced by many Indonesians. Awareness of the importance of healthy living makes Indonesian people choose food produced from organic agriculture. When this has been circulating organic brown rice, vegetables, and fruit that are in the period of planting to harvest are not touched by harmful chemicals.

Maintaining Environmental Health

Organic farming requires the exclusion of intruding organisms as long as they are below the safe threshold to not need to be eradicated. By allowing these organisms to stay alive, you have helped to maintain environmental balance, because even though they are pests, their existence is still needed as a counterweight.

Maintaining oil fertility

Organic farming will be very good for maintaining soil health because it can improve and maintain soil pH. Agricultural waste can be reduced, water quality safer for consumption, and increase the population of soil microorganisms. This is all because organic farming does not involve chemicals in the process of caring for plants.