Nojoqui Sweets Onions

Nojoqui Sweet onions are gourmet onions without the pungent taste. They are quite mild and can be enjoyed raw. They actually taste sweet. Nojoqui Sweets are low in pyruvic acid development (PAD), which gives traditional onions their pungent taste. Nojoqui Farms’ soils are high in organic matter; high-quality compost is applied yearly; and cover crops […]

Holes in our leaves? You Bet!

Holes In Our Leaves? You Bet! Nojoqui Farms chooses to rely on the balance of nature, rather than a sterile, insect-free environment which requires the continuous, cyclical application of insecticides. It’s a choice between eating chemical residues, or having a few small holes in the leaves. It’s your choice. In a field of organically grown […]

The Original World Wide Web

If we set a microscope in the soil, we could see tiny, one-celled bacteria devouring the remnants of leaves and root hairs. We would see fungi disintegrating the larger, hard-to-digest roots and stems. We would see protozoa dining on bacteria and fungi and, in the process, releasing nitrogen and other nutrients needed by plants. We […]